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Riding Weather
November 18, 2017, 8:42 am
real feel: 26°F
current pressure: 30 in
humidity: 60%
wind speed: 4 mph NNE
wind gusts: 4 mph
sunrise: 6:41 am
sunset: 4:11 pm
Forecast November 18, 2017
Mostly cloudy with showers
Mostly cloudy with showers
wind speed: 2 mph S
wind gusts: 9 mph
wind speed: 4 mph SSE
wind gusts: 9 mph
Forecast November 19, 2017
wind speed: 9 mph SW
wind gusts: 18 mph
Forecast November 20, 2017
Partly sunny
Partly sunny
wind speed: 11 mph WNW
wind gusts: 20 mph

Riding Rules

Riders of different abilities and performance levels in close quarters all need to know exactly what other riders are going to do.
Thus: The following suggestions are for everyones safety:

  • Riders who choose to follow in a group must do just that, FOLLOW. If a mistake is made, such as a missed turn or exit, just continue to follow the leader until the mistake is safely corrected as a group.
  • Each hand signal must be passed back by every rider so everyone in the group is fully informed. The passenger can do this for the rider as long as they are fully aware of all the hand signals.
  • Each rider has the responsibility to be aware of the bikes in front, beside and behind (spacing, relaying signal, etc).
  • Clearly communicate your intention using the appropriate hand signal.
  • Maintain a steady pace with as few drastic speed changes or sudden moves as possible. RIDE AS A UNIT.
  • When a lane change is signaled on an expressway, do not move over until the front Road Captain does and you check your available space. Rear Road Captains will pull out and block the lane before the group lane change occurs. Follow the front Road Captain!
  • Inform the front Road Captain of your needs (Fuel, bathroom, warm-up, problems, etc). If you don’t want to continue with the group, you must inform a Road Captain and you can obtain directions.
  • When passing on two lane roads, pass single file and return to formation ASAP and allow room for the next bike.
  • When making turns in city riding, if the light changes and you are into the turn, make the turn. If you are left at the light, the group will pull over to the right when possible, somewhere down the road. When not possible, the group will continue in the right lane at a reduce speed until the group is re-formed. Do not run a light to catch up! And don’t panic!! You will not be left or lost.
  • Remember. Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.
  • Additional rider safety information is available from a Road Captain or our Safety Officer upon request.


Hand Signals

Road Captains in our group rides will use these hand signals to control the group. So you need to become familiar with them. Also, when you see anyone in front of you use a hand signal, it is very important that you relay the signal to those behind you. Everyone in the group must do this except those in the extreme rear.


Start Engines

Left Turn

Right Turn

Hazard Left

(or Point with Foot)

Hazard Right

(or Point with Foot)

Speed Up

Slow Down

Single File Formation

(or One Finger in Air)



Tighten Up


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Hot Line

(207) 758-0633

Check hotline 1 hour before the ride to see if cancelled. If nothing on the hotline the ride is on. Have a great day!!
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