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March 24, 2018, 7:58 am
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Mostly cloudy
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Rain and snow
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L-A Harley RIDE 365

You’ve heard of the national HOG Ride 365 program? Well, now we also have the L-A Harley RIDE 365 program! Hopefully everyone is aware of the latest updates to the national Ride 365 program, but if not, please take a few minutes to review it.

The L-A Harley RIDE 365 challenge is an exciting opportunity to ride with friends, family and other motorcycle enthusiasts and receive awards and recognition for those miles. You’ll also be helping the chapter in the national challenge!

L-A Harley RIDE 365 Program details:

Start – April meeting

End – October meeting

Mileage Check-ins:

  • At each chapter meeting (no exceptions)
  • Mileage certification will be conducted by the HOG Manager or designated person
  • Top 3 mileage riders each month will be awarded prizes at each chapter meeting (prizes to be determined)
  • Each time a member attends a meeting and has their mileage certified they will have their name entered for the grand prize drawing
  • Grand prize drawing (free tires) at October meeting


  • Everyone
  • All active chapter members
  • All guests
  • Members are encouraged to invite friends & family (and anyone else) to join us
  • Make of bike doesn’t matter
  • Participants do not need to be a member of the chapter 

National RIDE 365

The L-A Harley RIDE 365 challenge is separate from the national challenge. If you intend to do some riding prior to the April chapter meeting, please consider having your mileage certified first so your miles will count towards the chapter’s miles in the national chapter challenge. The national chapter challenge is regional so we’re not exactly competing with those riders that have no down season.

National RIDE 365 Challenge details:

  •  Certify mileage any time, as soon as possible with final certification by 12/31.
  •  Mileage can be certified at any dealership
  •  If you have your mileage certified at L-A Harley, please see Patrick.
  •  Mileage for members will be entered in the national HOG database and help us in the regional chapter challenge!


Please below this section for frequently asked questions.

Looking forward to riding with everyone!


L-A Harley RIDE 365

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How will mileage be tracked?
    1. You must have your odometer mileage validated at a chapter meeting to get credit for your miles, no exceptions. If you are unable to attend a meeting for any reason, you will not be eligible for that month’s drawings.
  2. Can I enter mileage myself?
    1. To maintain the integrity of the program, mileage must be read and entered by the HOG manager or designated person at the monthly chapter meetings
  3. I can’t make a meeting, can I still have my mileage certified?
    1. Not for the L-A Harley Ride 365. Mileage will only be certified at chapter meetings
    2. You can still have your mileage certified outside of the meeting at the dealership for the national chapter challenge
  4. Can I have more than one guest join the L-A Harley Ride 365 challenge?
    1. Yes, you can have as many guests as you like – the more the merrier!
  5. My friends don’t ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles, can they still participate?
    1. Yes!
  6. April may still be a little cold to ride my bike in, can I still have my mileage certified?
    1. Bring in a picture of your odometer along with a picture of your VIN number, do not send the pictures in
    2. You must be present at the meeting with the pictures.
  7. What is the cost to participate in the challenge?
    1. There is no fee to participate in the challenge
  8. I’ve had my mileage certified for the L-A Harley Ride 365 challenge, do I also need to sign-up and have my mileage certified for the national Ride 365 challenge?
    1. No, you are automatically signed up for the national challenge by getting certified for the L-A Harley Ride 365 challenge.
  9. I had my mileage certified by the dealer before the April chapter meeting, do I still need to go to the meeting and have my mileage certified?
    1. Yes, to participate in the L-A Harley challenge, mileage has to be certified at the chapter meetings


Hot Line

(207) 758-0633

Check hotline 1 hour before the ride to see if cancelled. If nothing on the hotline the ride is on. Have a great day!!
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